Sheyenne River Kennels
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Bathing and Brushing Your Dog will Love

Even if your furry friend loves to get a bath, it takes time and effort. And it isn’t just the bath itself—because most of us don’t have a dedicated dog bathing area in our home, you probably spend as much time cleaning up after the bath as on the bath itself.

Why not let us handle it? The caring staff at Sheyenne River Kennels have the time and patience to provide your dog with an outstanding cleaning and brushing. If you’re boarding your dog with us, why not consider letting us do the work for you?  

Great service at a great price

At only $15 for a bath, or $20 for a bath and brush, you’ll love the price. And your dog will love the care and attention they receive.

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Call us today for more information on our bathing and brushing services.